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The profile page could be better (mockup)


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As a UI Web developer myself, i have to say that IPB is really in a place by itself when it comes to looks and user friendly interface. Still, i've looked around 3.1 BETA (yes i know it's a BETA...) and found that there are places the UI could improve... like the profile page. I found it to be inconsistent and a bit messy when it comes to displaying certain layouts of information. For example, the 'Friends' and 'Comments' section appear an all the tabs.. and the 'Recent status Update' , in my opinion, takes too much place. I've created a mockup on how, i believe, the layouts should be placed.

- Remove the 'Recent Status Update' tab and place it on the 'About Me' tab as a block (positioned to the right) .. it creates a consistency look with the 'Status Update' found on the Forums Block + by merging the 'About Me' and 'Recent Status Update', it makes it easier to view both information without the need to click back and forward.

- Why is it that the 'Friends' and 'Comment' section both appear on all the tabs... is this meant to be?

- Other tweaks like shorten the profile box (left block) and aligning the 'Post' button on the 'Comment' section to the right like all the rest...

I know this is beta, but, because i believe on this product, i thought i shared my time and toughs. Great Job!

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