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improved custom profile fields


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When I create a Custom Profile Field and Link the Content of the Field to a Website, that happens only on the Topic View.

For example:

Profile Field Name: Playername
Content: Dagobert

Topic View Format: <span class='ft'>{title}:</span><span class='fc'><a href="playerdatabse/{content}">{content}</a></span>

Of course the Link is only on the Topic View because I only can change that View Format. But if I could it would be better.

Also a BBCode parsing for the Description would be nice.

And when I edit the profile settings the fields appear on the bottom of the page after numerous settings. Maybe a extra category of these settings relevant to the Custom Profile Field Group would be fine.

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Hi. I'm not sure what the first question is.

You can use html in the ACP where you edit custom profile fields. e.g.

<span class='ft'><b>{title}: </b></span><span class='fc'>{content}</span><br /><br />

This makes the title bold and a couple of line breaks are added.

Hope this helps.


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Before that post I have contacted the Support:


There would have to be a switch to say that the field contains a URL. Right now, that isn't possible except, as you mentioned, in the topic view format.

I'd recommend adding that as a suggestion to [url="../../forum/298-ipboard/"]http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/298-ipboard/[/url]

There's been a handful of people ask for that, and I think you could get some support behind you for that idea to have it added to the next version.


IPS Support

So I hope that it will come in a further release. :-)
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