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Download: (RCS) Ajax Random Messages

Amged Osman

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File Name: (RCS) Ajax Random Messages
File Submitter: AmgedOsman
File Submitted: 16 Mar 2010
File Updated: 13 Nov 2010
File Category: Application Modules

This System Looks Small.. yet its very powerful, It will allow you to add unlimited amount of globalmessages to display for your members.
Messages will be updated via AJAX meaning your members will not have to reload their pages to see the next message.. it will be done automatically without having to reload the page!

The system has group permissions to select which groups can see the messages!


Unlimited Amount Of Random Messages
Parse BBcode + HTML
4 CSS Classes per each Message
Time interval per seconds or minutes that you set from ACP
Update automatically Via AJAX after certain amount of time you set from ACP

Video Demo:



Click here to download this file

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