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User Promotion - not working?


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I've been trying to get user Promotion working whereby I wish to upgrade users with more than 100 posts and move them into a different group. It all appears to be set correctly but no promotion are taking place.

Is this because:

a) I need to turn something on - wondering as I can't see any scheduled Promotion task,.
b) We're running a test system and the users concerned have not logged on and posted, I'm wondering if the mechanism is triggered by a new posting by a user who meets the criteria.

Anyone know and can clarify for me?

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Ditto what Andy says. They won't get promoted until they post a new post. It's possible to run a MySQL query to change member groups based on how many posts that they have. I did this when I added a new regular member group and changed the default user group to a new user group. The new user group then has some restrictions.


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