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Merging IPB RC1 Forum and IPB 3.0 Forum?


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Is it possible to merge IPB RC1 and IPB 3.0 Forum? Or could I update a IPB RC1 to IPB 3.0 and then merge them? I am trying to move a large VB site to an IPB site and I am not sure of the right way to go about it. I moved everything over about 6 months ago to RC1. For some reason that install got glitched up, but I think all of the user and post data is still there. So I was hoping to move everything from that into a fresh install which I have got working exactly how I want.

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Do you need technical support?

You can obtain support via [url="https://www.invisionpower.com/customer/"]the client area[/url], or you can try to obtain peer-to-peer support at [url="http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showforum=308"]IPS Resources.[/url]

You have a somewhat unique situation, so I would strongly suggest you submit a ticket by emailing support@invisionpower.com. Unfortunately, we do not allow support inquiries in this particular forum here.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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