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Suggestions for IPB 3.1.1 or whatever


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The ability to enter a reason when banning/suspending someone and they will see the reason as a part of their ban message. Also the ability to display their unban date/time.

Also, revamp the Moderating Team page. Allow us to chose if X group is staff. If we chose to do so, their group will show in the moderating team page. The groups with the most permission can be shown up top, or give us the option to re-arrange them. For example, it will say:





Mods: Josh

Thanks for reading. These are 2 parts that haven't been updated in a long time and I believe need some redoing.

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I beleive if you suspend an account it shows how long the suspension is for when the member tries to access the forum again. If you ban an account... well the account is banned and would suggest that the member concerned is not allowed back on the forum ever, otherwise that would be a suspension.

There is a mod for re-arranging the mod team pages.

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