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Captcha for New Posts in certain areas

Mr Happy

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I have a real problem in certain areas of my forum (2.3.6) with spam. Their is a lot of spam posts being made by autoposters and IP blocking and banning isn't working.

I want to add a captcha to just one area and to the members usergroup. I don't really want my trusted members group or VIP's (along with staff) to have to use the captcha. It will be just for making a new topic in certain forums.

This already exists for PHPBB and vBulletin as a plugin mod and I was wondering if it could be added to IPB or does something already exist I haven't yet found.
Even if someone could give me a few tips or pointers on where to post this http://recaptcha.net/plugins/php/ php code I'd have a go at it myself on a test board as I really need it.

Their was one or two simillar topics which weren't answered such as that I've already searched.

Thanks in advance and sorry if it's the wrong area.

EDIT: just had the idea from reading other threads. You know how it's possible to rename the admin folder. Would it be possible to rename the login link as I'm thinking it's just a general autoposter their using and if I were to change that login link that may cure my problem.

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If you upgrade to IPB3 you can make use of the new spam service which significantly cuts down on spam getting through to your board. Additional options, such as question and answer challenges on registration, can also help.

We will not be developing any further features for IPB 2.3 I'm afraid, so you should really consider upgrading to IPB 3 if you wish to combat spam.

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