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Watched Content - Killer feature?


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It's the little things that add up - and I really like the the watched content block :thumbsup:

However, I think it can be taken a step further and made into a real IPB killer feature... just by simply making it easier for the end user to use regularly.

This is a prime example of where ajax would shine. People don't like page loads. It doesn't matter if it takes little time but to them, it will seem like it takes longer.

So where does it come into the equation? Using it for watching/unwatching topics. When a user is on a thread display page, and wants to keep an eye on the topic they could click the 'watch this thread' icon and a nice smooth menu appears:

Would you also like:

() An email notification?

() No thanks just add it to my watched list.

If they click/mouseover for notification the other options appear.

On submit, no reloads - just a confirmation and it rolls back up nice, quick, smooth and easy. Unwatching topics should be just as slick.

I reckon the users would love this - a fantastic way to keep track of threads you've replied it or want to keep an eye on. :thumbsup:

(Please note, as per usual with any suggestions I post, these are just my initial thoughts - please feel free to suggest changes/tweaks.)
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Another related suggestion.

It would be really nice to have a refresh button that gets the latest via ajax.

I keep going to view new content, then back to homepage then back to watched content - when all I really want to do is refresh my watched content block to see if there's been any replies to threads I am watching.

Better still make it auto update like twitter :)

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