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I'm sure this has been posted a gazillion times, but I think it's very important.

#1. The searchbox in the top right searched the whole forum. To search an individual forum, one must go into advanced search. Isn't it better to simply have a button in forumview, perhaps beside "Watch this forum", or a text beside "Mark this forum as read", saying "Search this forum". Clicking it would bring up a modal box, kinda like the little profile modal box that pops up when you click the little arrow beside a member's name in topicview. There you can either quicksearch, or go advanced - which would essentially bring the member to the regular advanced search, but with the specified forum already marked.

#2. Searching within a topic is something I think would be very valuable. Same here really. Adding a button beside "Watch this topic" saying "Search this topic". Clicking it would bring the same modal box. However this box should be a little more advanced than the quicksearch on forumview. It should include the option to search posts by a certain username(or even search posts by several usernames - that could be useful for moderation to be able to search all posts by several users if there is a flamewar going on).

#3. Another optional thing regarding in-topic search could be the option to search posts by users who have posted above(or less than) x amounts of times in that topic. Say I want to search the topic for all users who have posted in it at least(or at most) 10 times.

Alright, 3 requests for now regarding search. I'm sure these have been suggested before, but hopefully I was able to bring a little twist to the previously suggested features about the same thing :)

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Both of these search functions are already in place, they are just at the bottom of the template vs the top.

If you look at any forum, and then go to the bottom of it, on the left you will see a Search Forums option. Also in a topic like this one, if you go to the bottom, you will see a Search Topic area.

I am working on my templates to move these two options to the top of the template. My users, would be like me and not find this without combing around the site.. Moving these to the top is more logical in my opinion, but I am just glad they are already there and I just have to move them. :)


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Oh my.
Well, then they're really badly placed because I did not even know they existed! Lol.

I still think they should be loaded upon request, so that it brings up the searchform only if the user clicks a button or link.
Also, is it possible currently to search the topic by username as I described? And is it possible to search for posts by users that have posted more or less than X posts in that topic?

Thanks for pointing out that they exist!

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