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I'm sure there are going to be a lot of feature requests coming from people who have changed to IPB from other platforms and I think that's only natural (and I'm quite sure I will be doing that too!) but I think it's worth bearing in mind that it will subside after a while (esp at the rate you are announcing the inclusion of such features!!) and people will then start to post new ideas. So I'm gonna do the reverse in this thread and post something fresh and new - just to balance things out a bit :)

New moderation tools

I'd really like some way where members can be given a chance to edit a thread/post they've made - without a mod having to make the change for them (that's not always an option anyway) or worse, have to post publicly in the thread or PM them (then having to keep track of it all).

So how about some way where a mod can add a note to a post and then the person who's post it is gets sent a pm/notification. Depending on the severity of the rule/break the mod can choose to remove the post from public view too. Then there's an (ajax) link in the post for the original poster to click when they're done submitting - then the post is moved into the unapproved (or similar) list so mods can then view the post and either approve it if it's ok, or post another note if it's not. If it was not removed from public display the mod just gets a notification to let them know it's been see/acted on if necessary.

That's just my initial thoughts but you get the idea - basically a nicer environment for members (as we all know how much they hate getting 'modded'!) and an efficient way for mods to do their job.

A few more suggestions:

An easy way to delete off-topic posts but at the same time notify members they are to be deleted AND make it automatic. REASON > ACTION eg, This post is off-topic and will be deleted in 24 hours. OR, This thread is against our rules and is now locked. It will be deleted in 24 hours time. (Where the action 'delete' is automatic - so the mod doesn't have to remember to go back to it)

It just let's members know what's going on and you don't get the 'where's my thread' type posts - whilst at the same time it's helping mods making their job easier.

Perhaps we could have options when, on locking a thread mods can decide whether to remove all posts except for the first post from public display or even just keep the title and the first post is replaced by a note from the mods. Could be used for (borderline) spam or anything else that is against the rules.

I could be here all day so will stop here for now!

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