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[Suggestion] Reputation flood


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To prevent abuse of the reputation system (in addition to the limits for positive and negative votes per day) , an idea may be to prevent you giving another reputation point to the same member again until you have given it to a few other members.

Example: You give user "bob" a + for a post.

You cannot now go and give "bob" another + for any of their posts until you have given (example: 3) reputation points to other users.

:unsure: :)

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While I understand the use of this suggestion, I still see a number of downsides to this.
Say a member is particularly active within an area and writes a number of good threads. Should he not be able to get the reputation he have earned because other members needs to spread reputation to other members than him before being able to give reputation to him again? What if those other members don't want to give reputation to anyone else than that member? They'll be forced to give reputation to members they don't think deserve it just so they can give it to the member they DO think deserve it..

I mean, it's a good system, but this scenario must be taken into consideration..

How about being able to prevent members to give reputation to the same member within 1 topic before spreading reputation to X amounts of members in that topic.
That way if a member writes several good topics he will be able to get reputation on all of those topics from the same members without them having to spread reputation to other people before.

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