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Suggestion to ACP restrictions: choose which templates can be edited/changed


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Hi. I think it would be a good idea to be able to choose which ACP-restriction-groups can be able to edit certain templates/skin sets.

Advanced solution:
Then it would be possible for a ACP-group to be able to view/edit just certain skins. For example if you want to get some help from users but are not entirely sure if you would like them to get access to change all skins this would be a nice option to have. The ACP restrictions could for example be extended by adding some sort of template permission mask system.

A more simple solution:
Or if you dont want to add such a advanced group of options, a more easy and simple solution would be to add into the database the member-id of the "owner/creator" of the skin (and option to change this), then you could add this question in the ACP restriction system: "Can edit/change skin sets (based on the permissions above) that is not made by you?" (If no they would only be able to edit skins sets that had that user set as their "owner".

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