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(RC34) Testimonials System


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File Name: (RC34) Testimonials System

File Submitter: -RAW-

File Submitted: 22 Feb 2010

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

A full-featured Testimonials/Feedback system for your IP.Board.


  • Comments in testimonials
  • Permissions per group: general permissions and moderation
  • Ability to use Reputation System on testimonials
  • Ability to report testimonials and comments
  • Ability to create a topic when a new testimonial has been posted
  • Ability to send PMs to users when their testimonials are approved or rejected
  • Ability to show announcements in specific pages or all pages of Testimonials System
  • Friend URLs
  • Sidebar hook to show latest testimonials
  • Hook on board top (beside Admin CP link) to show pending testimonials
  • 2 plugins to IP.Board Portal: random testimonial and Most Recent Testimonials
  • Tools to manage banned members from Testimonials System
  • Tools to convert existing topics and posts to Testimonials and Comments
  • Log of all moderator activity on Testimonials System
  • More...

user: demo
pass: demo


here to download this file

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I love and appreciate what you do, but can you show me how to change application links? Not saying right now, but whenever you get free time and if it's feasible for you.


I would like to make it "?app=testimonial"

PS I like this mod and contact mode which you made. Both are nice and very much useful. Thank you very much!

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Yeap, but this one is app=testimonials. app=testemunhos is available for download only on my board, for Brazilian Portuguese users! ;)

ps: I will release a new version (1.0.1) of Contact Form and will release it as app=contact, instead of contato.

Many thanks!!
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Thanks for this.

I've a small problem though. I can't find the word in the language pack to change the nav bar link 'Testimonials' title you click for access to the system.

I'm wanting to rename it to something shorter.

Obviously I am overlooking something really simple and feel stupid for asking.

Thanks in advance for any help and I apologise for for the oversight.

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its gr8 mod i love it.
but i am unable to make it run i have installed and configured it but when ever i click on testimonial link nothing no testimonial page appears it refreshes me back to my forum home


Please advise on this one.


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this is the link anditsworking finefor me.

I know the contents were copied. But a guy sold me this for $50 site showing screen shots he never told me what was the story behind and i didn't know at that time that this site's content is copied from IPB.
i spent a lots of time editing the site adding my packages prices etc to so it was too hard for me to change the design as i am not very good at it.

when i came to know i just addedd a line in footer that this site design is from Invision Power.
and you ll see that line on each page.


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Fabulous mod! I love it, and I'm sure it will make a great addition to my community forums.

I have noticed one little problem, which is nothing major, but I thought I'd mention it. Namely the user's signature in the testimonials gets "stretched" - there is a blank line inserted after every line in the signature. I've taken some screenshots which I'll paste in below for you.

Its certainly nothing major, but thought I'd mention it. Maybe - if possible - it could be fixed in a future release or something?

Anyways, once again, thanks for a great application!

Have a great week,


How signatures appear in my installation of Testimonials:


How the signature should appear:


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Just tried to install this mod, but it's not working; when I activate it, it says I dont have permission to use it. I've tried a few different things, like reinstalling and adjusting the "offline user group access" settings but nothing. I did note a change in file size when I uploaded the files to my server, namely these:

testimonials.conf.php (from 866 to 824)
testimonials.php (from 8,583 to 8,318)

Any ideas?

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Sorry found a possible issue with signatures if you see the Testimonial here the sig is wrong https://jlogica.com/forums/testimonials/showtestimonial/6-you-can-suceed-well-teach-you-how/ but appears properly in the forums https://jlogica.com/forums/topic/6-paid-files-show-as-free-or-000/page__pid__6#entry6


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