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Convert For Vb4 realy slow

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I'm having a little problem with the conversion of VB4 to the IPB, the members table is very slow ..
In 24 hours the conversion convertino were only 200,000 users, and in the database have 800,000 registered users. ...

Are there any way to optimize the conversion of this table?

According to the PhpMyadmin a query that takes longer to be used is this:

SELECT email, members_l_username, members_l_display_name FROM ipb_members WHERE email =''OR members_

based on the string above, I believe the slowness is due to give this line of code

$this->DB->build( array( 'select' => 'email, members_l_username, members_l_display_name', 'from' => 'members', 'where' => "email='".$this->DB->addslashes($email)."' OR members_l_username='".$this->DB->addslashes($lowername)."' OR members_l_display_name='".$this->DB->addslashes($lowerdname)."'" ) );

Thanks for help

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