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Download: (Collin1000) Shoutbox Auto-Posting Bot 1.1.0


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File Name: (Collin1000) Shoutbox Auto-Posting Bot 1.1.0
File Submitter: Collin1000
File Submitted: 15 Feb 2010
File Updated: 26 Feb 2010
File Category: Modifications

Based on a request here.

This mod allows you to configure a bot to automatically shout to your shoutbox every X number of shouts.
Supports BBCode, Configure the user who sends the shout.

Great for automated notices to be sent into your shoutbox.

This mod is based off a mod created by kingben666 for IPB 2.2. I was unable to contact him. This mod does not re-use any of his code.

This mod requires 1 file edit. Not to the IPB code, but to the code for IP.Shoutbox. I was unable to find a workaround for this. Sorry.

If you find this mod useful, please consider sending me a donation. :wub:

Report all bugs in the bug topic. Thanks!

NEW! FEB 26 2010 v 1.1.0

  • Support for multiple shouts
  • Toggle on/off feature

Click here to download this file
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Come on ... fess up ... you only made it so you could have a contributors badge like Andy's? ;) :)

I already had one. :whistle:

Works fine:

Feature Suggest:

Randomize shouts.

Be able to make 5 different custom shouts.

Also can I ask why you pick this ip? 's_ip' => ''

By randomize and custom shouts, do you mean have 5 preset shouts and have it pick one of them at random?
If so, that is very do-able. is "localhost" on many setups.

agree with them other features, and one i noticed i missed off, an on/off switch lol

oh. wow. yeah. haha!
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Great ideea! thanks for having it.

Features request:

1.also possibility to set a time interval for bot sending shouts

2.possibility to send message in order or random from a collection of messages.

1. So you mean, instead of shout every X shouts, do "If there have been no bot shouts since X time, shout now" kinda thing?

2. Is that the same as this: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/304761-download-collin1000-shoutbox-auto-posting-bot/page__view__findpost__p__1913967
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ok so i have just installed this.
i've been looking for a 3.x version of this since well.. we were on 2.x and was using kingbens.

right before kingben disappeared he had updated his to allow us to add an unlimited amount of shouts(one per row) and the bot would randomly shout them after the X amount of shouts you set on top. if you could make these changes with yours, it would be complete in my opinion and i think others would agree at least to have the option so hopefully you can.


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i have set Frequency of shouts 5, ID my acc, and text Message 1

Reklama : mystiq.org - herny portal wow, cs, l2, a mnoho ineho ...

other messages i have empty

and if in SB shout 5x, then shout this bot empty line, it show

Reitak :

no text

if i a write in text only www.mystiq.org without bbcode, it show empty row too, when i write normale text without www, http, ... it show correct.

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I cant type in shoutbox now, how do i remove this xml file? i want to see if this mod is the case i tried deleting the settings inside but it doesnt give me that option

Simply disable the hook via your ACP hook manager. :)

However, I should point out, you would be the only person experiencing this issue
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