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[Suggestion] Multiple Concurrent IP.Subscriptions


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As far as I can tell, this is already possible to do. However the client is currently unable to do this from the front end.

Here is what I am doing:
I have a basic subscription that gives access to the forum. I have a secondary subscription that gives additional access to a technical database. The two are mutually exclusive, getting one is not dependent on the other and unsubscribing one does not require you to unsubscribe from the other. I have set this up using user groups and access permissions, and it works correctly.

The problem arises when a user subscribes themselves to either subscription, and then wants the second one. Once a subscription is active, the option to subscribe again is removed from the front-end UI. I can manually assign the second subscription (successfully) but this is inconvienent.

Of course adding this option to the front end would necessitate a flag or grouping number on each subscription to make sure someone doesn't subscribe to overlapping subscriptions. Example : I have 30 day, 90 day, and 1yr subscription options. Having them overlap would be bad, but having them block each other, or automatically run consecutively would be ok.

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I only just upgraded to v3.0.5 from v.2.3.6 and not checked out how v3.x.x of the payment gateway works (I assume it's basically the same) but I do recall there is an option for the user to cancel the current subscription they have themselves and then subscribe to another package or even upgrade their current package they are subscribed to. Some of these options may only be available depending on which payment gateway you use.

Hopefully someone that really knows what they are talking about will give you a reply here.

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Currently the subscription is rather basic, but a start.

I would like to see multiple subscriptions available per member as well & it has been mentioned before.

Currently you can only have multiple ones if the secondary one is an upgrade or downgrade to the original package, which is then un-subscribed.

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