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Primary group to deny secondary groups


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Trying to keep it simple and I'm sure this would benefit many people.

When making a member group, have an option that would be like, "Deny secondary permissions?" with the description of "If this is someones primary group, it will ignore any secondary groups on their account."

This would allow an admin to temporarily move someone from one group to another to limit their access without the need to edit/remember their secondary groups. There are times when I move people to another member group that is meant to limit their access, but I don't want to suspend/ban them. One such use of this is when someone has an email account that is no longer valid. I could change just the primary group until they contact me to re-activate their account (move it back to the old group they were in). Also, for mods such as "Manage Inactive Members", the admin may want the member to contact them before their account is restored.

I'm sure others would have different uses for it. Additionally, be nice to have groups that can 'forbid' the overriding of permission masks.

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The idea is if you are trying to move a group of people to another group, either individually, as a mass group or with a mod, then you could move them without having to check and make sure that all of their secondary groups are nulled out as well as disabling the overridden permission masks. At the same time, you could easily move them back to their original group without having to remember any/all secondary groups and the permission masks that they had (if overridden).

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