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Selecting Posts within a Topic


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I have a topic that has been merged with another topic. When i merged them, I wanted the 1st topics post at the top of the new one.
I went to "move post" at the bottom but it wants me to select a post to move. From this there are two things.

1) Will this allow me to move the post to the top?
2) If not, how do I go about doing this. In a way I want to pin the post. The only problem I can see is that the Posts before the one I want at the top, are all created before the post was put up.

I am using IP.Boards 2.3.6

I really need to know how to do this asap.
Thanks for reading guys :)

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Just make a request to be able to pin posts of a topic so they appear at the start of the topic, much like pinning topics in a forum displays them at the top of the forum.

Would actually be a very good feature, as support forums could have the initial post pinned and then the 'accepted solution' pinned right under it, so that someone doesn't have to read the entire topic to find the final answer (especially if there are more posts after it). Could be set to show pinned posts first then the topic per normal, so you see the good stuff up front followed by the entire thread.

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