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So i got a request on my forum for a feature I couldn't figure out. Maybe there's an addon out there I didn't find through my intitial search, or a way to do this within IPB, but I couldn't find it.

What I'd like is to show people in my friends list as a different color at the bottom of the board that lists all the members, similiar to how moderators are all a certain color. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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The problem with modifying the default "online list" is that it could conflict with the color/style arrangements that the admin has set for the different member groups.

I think that having this either as an add-on (which could display a separate list of those online) or when viewing the online list (the "Show by: Last Click or Member Name" on the main page), there could be an extra "Show by:" option of "friends only", so you'd only see those online that are in your friends list.

If the last idea sounds like a working solution, then you have my vote. It would help bring people together if they can see who is on that they are friends with. Just still should respect anonymous settings.

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