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report center / warning panel suggestions

Blind Bandit

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I know this may sound old school But it would be nice to see the report center and the warning panel merge into a Mod CP. while inline editing and modding is easy its a little harder to keep track of the warning panel. As it kinda is off on its own. It would also help track of warned members and keep mods tools and options in one place. Also while allowing more control over what mods can access. While offering more resources for mods. Such as a mod note pad and so on. Mybb has a good example of this.

Another suggestion for the warning system. Change the color of the warning bar and increase its size its easy to miss it. The warning buttons are also a little small. Orange or red would be better. It would be nice to have automatic / custom infractions. So you can pre set infraction options and the consequences. The ability to give warnings no points are given. But there a record on the members profile. Basically giving a verbal warning with a record on the person profile. This is a yellow card in the VB infraction system. And of course the ability to give traditional infractions with automatic actions. Such as post moderation, pm post restrictions or banning without then need for custom mod tools or modifications.

I know this was a suggestion a while ago but it still seems like a good idea.

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