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Repositioning hooks...

Graeme S.

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I've recently made a couple forum skins which are quite heavily modified. Needless to say, I've had issues with various custom hooks as they are being called in the wrong places now (due to me moving things around).

For example, I want to move this button for this cash application.


Now, I get that the hook is telling the output to go at the start of userInfopane, but there must be an easier way to move it? I have absolutely no idea how to tell it to go to the bottom of userinfopane, or anywhere else for that matter?

Is it not possible to make it easier for people to be able to move where hooks are pulled?

If not, I would love for someone to explain in non-super-duper-coder terms how I can move hooks :). I don't really get how custom skins are supposed to be a good idea if moving hooks is so difficult! :(

EDIT: To summarise:

At the moment if I look at hook information, I can see:

This hook shows in skin_topic -> topicViewTemplate after the end of the if statement labeled finalClosed

I would like this be editable, PLEASE! :) Much love!
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It is, but it requires IN_DEV to be on (3.1 removes this restriction).

As for the custom skin itself, you can find

<if test="finalClosed:|:...">

in the skin. That's where it gets the hook point from, so if you wanted data attached to this hook point to display elsewhere, just remove the finalClosed:|: label on that if statement, and add a new one elsewhere in the skin

<if test="finalClosed:|:1==0"></if>

put that where you want it to show up in your custom skin.

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