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[Suggestion] For Developer Tools

Andy Millne

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The tools provided for building installable applications are not very straightforward so I'd like to propose a few suggestions if I may...

Firstly what's good.

  1. Although it takes a bit of getting used to the workflow the Templates, Language, Settings and the associated export tools work fine.
  2. Also the process of adding a new application and modules is relatively straightforward.

What I think could be improved.

  1. Some of the plugin/extension functionality is a bit scattered all over the place in the file structure. Things like the application icon the attachments plugin files could be moved into the application directory.
  2. Replacements support is none existent. I designed a skin with replacements in mind and now find I can't export them individually into the application directory like I can with the templates etc. or whether replacements are even supported. I guess not as all the applications I can get my hands on do not include anything in the way of replacements.
  3. The individual tools could be combined into a new seperate single tool that processes all of the xml files at once which would prevent you forgetting to do one.
  4. Point 3 could be taken a step further and in addition/instead of the writeable files xml a more general files xml could be used that would outline all the files required for the installation and permissions. The files xml could be used to build the application automatically and zip it up ready for distribution (No hunting through the files tructure for files needed and packaging them up manually).
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