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Let us configure the navbar

Gros Blaireau

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On [url=" topic, we're speaking about a dropdown menu, for the navbar.

It seems that a lot of webmaster want a dropdown menu.

Ok, but may be we should have the possibility to configure all the navbar, in the admin, as a new setting.
We manualy add links (internal or external) with our text and a connection to an IPB-system or a non-IPB part of our site.
As much links as we need.

Also, the navbar has a design problem : When we use Ctrl+, everything explode, the line is broken.

And on an other topic, we spoke about a switch for the search form. Some webmaster want to use the google search, some other want to use the IPB search. One click, we switch one input to an other, that's better. In the admin, just add a link "configure the search form" and then we enter our google search code.

Well, that's a bunch of ideas, enjoy them with my great english grammar.

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