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Enhance blog print functionality


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Ok, I was asked to post here to give you nice people my official this-is-bugging-me-and-i-think-you-need-this suggestion:

Blog print functionality. As in 2.3.6 or thereabouts, which had the nicely-formatted, crisp and clean print format for blog entries. Right now, the blog software has improved but I would personally like to see the return of formatted blog printing! Currently, one's only option is to use the browser Print Preview button to see what will be printed out. Using the browser you can print entries, but the formatting is terrible (all graphics and emoticons, gallery photos, personal photos etc. are printed as blocks one below the other) and not really meant for something professional or distributable to workgroups, colleagues or students.

SO what I'd like to see is a nice formatting option so that one can print out blog entries with date, time, relevant information and maybe even the option of having graphics printed? I know IPB 3 uses a CSS to format printing, but I'd have no idea how to change that. So yeah, bring print functionality back or change the current style please :D

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