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Useful Minor Tweaks


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After the helpful responses in [url=" thread, I've decided to switch to IP.Board soon. There are a few tweaks I'll have to make manually, but I'm hoping they become default features in the near future to save me some upgrade headache so everyone else can benefit from them too.

Bring Back Automated Forumjump
On IP.Board 2.3.x and vbulletin 2-4, the forumjump automatically switches to the forum you select. For some reason, the 3.0.x forumjump requires clicking "Go" first. This isn't a big deal, but it's a step backwards imo.

Private Message w/Quote
If you click a PM button from the memberlist or profile, I can understand starting with a blank textbox. But usually when you click the PM button from a post, the PM is related to the topic. Starting the Private Message box with a quote from that post would be nice. The recipient immediately knows what the PM is reference to, and the sender doesn't have to hyperlink to a post. The linkback and context are already included in the quote.

Track Blog Comments in Profile
I think it would be useful for admins to see how many blog replies a user has, and also for users to see themselves. You could compare blog comments to post count, and see who is more active on different parts of the site.

Multiple Login Detector
This mod tracks logins by cookies instead of IP address (people with internet alter-egos often use proxies), and automatically sends a PM to the admin every time someone logs back in with another name. This mod seemed superfluous to me until I installed it about a year ago. I'm blown away by how many of my users have multiple user names, and log in and out from the same computer. Sometimes it's hilarious, other times creepy. But it's invaluable to know who the alter-egos are on your forum.

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