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ACP/Members, member search and actions


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When doing a search/filter on the list of members via the ACP, I'd like to see the following options added:

  • The mass move/pruning is nice, but would be nice if I could select the members to affect, in case the filter returns more than those I am looking for.
    Requested this before. If someone needs to move 20 or so members, but their search criteria returns 40 or more (and there's no way to filter it any further), it can be a very cumbersome task.
  • See the number of members found that match the filter/search (like "Found 43 members")
    I would imagine that this should be relatively easy and would be amazingly useful, especially if you want or need a count.
  • Be able to filter based on warn level (Any, None, Less than, More than, Equal to)
    I was actually surprised that this wasn't already included. Can search based on banned/spam status, why not warn?
  • Would be nice to be able to mass-ban a group.
    Very useful if you have 10 new members and 8 of them are spammers and you want to ban the accounts.
  • Also, be nice to do other mass actions (from a pull down menu), such as "Moderate", disable PM's, mark as spammers, remove pictures/signatures. Things that could be useful if needed on multiple people to limit their actions.
    I can understand if this might be a more difficult one to implement, but hoping it can be squeezed in at some point during the 3.1.x series.
  • A tick box to keep the advanced search options open after you click the Update button.
    Just thought I'd toss this in, because if you use the advanced options frequently, it can be annoying to keep opening it.

The requests are listed in the order of preference.
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