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[Suggestion] Advanced search extensions

Andy Millne

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In planning the IP.Classifieds app I've been putting some thought towards search and using the current search integration features. It would be great however if it was also possible to also extend advanced search in this way. So say you click "advanced search" when in the classifieds app, you are then presented with an advanced form with pricing, custom field etc. search options.

Also the bar that currently displays the result sorting could be extended to include some advanced search options. So if a user performs a search for say "Gold Watch" in the results page they would also be presented with further generic search options like "price", "condition" etc. For calendar it could be something like "dates between" and members could include "post count", "reputation" etc.

In my opinion this could greatly increase the options available to application/modification developers and would avoid differences in search implementation which could only increase usability.

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