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Download: Esquire 3.0.5 (OLD VERSION)

Tom Christian

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Hi, as said in the first post, I don't want to directly offer support on the IPS forums as things will become very confusing. We're keeping a list of reported bugs in our tracker at the skinground forums which will be fixed very shortly. If you don't wish to report them on our forums, simply PM me here with the exact issues, screenshots, URL's etc and I'll add to our tracker myself :)


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I've updated the download on Skinground & IPS resources with several bug fixes.

A few of them Include -

- Esquire now contains basic styling for IP.Blog, Downloads & Gallery Addons
- Esquire now comes in two versions (with icons, ads etc and without)
- Scroll Bar issue Fixed
- Unstyled Polls in topic view fixed
- Topic Description colour clash corrected
- "Share This Topic" white colour clash corrected
- Topic View Author Info area, background image colour clash fixed
- Odd styling on the redirect pages now fixed.
- Warn Status text in topic now fixed

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Excellent .. You do some excellent work there m8 .... Currently getting my head stuck into some serious CSS study lately. Wanna be able to contribute to IPB as there aint enough people :) .. Gotta start somewhere and dont like doin things in halves LOL

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