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Can someone please answer my ticket to IPB?


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Generally speaking, posting a topic here on the forums won't speed up a ticket response. We guarantee a 48 hour response window for all tickets, and while we're a little backlogged from the holidays I believe you should have a response within that 48 hour window.

If you don't, you can use the "escalate to management" option from your client area to notify management of the lapse in service.

Be sure to use the option on the ticket posting window to set your ticket as critical if it truly is and requires an immediate response. For instance, if your site was hacked or your site is down, you can use this option so that a technician will get to your ticket faster than if it is just put in the normal queue (though note that your ticket will bumped back down to the normal queue if you misuse this option).

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If you open two tickets please close the first one... otherwise you're just adding to the backlog.

Although worth noting that we define critical as "site is offline or otherwise completely unusable" - please only mark tickets critical that fall into this category.
It goes without saying that we will answer each ticket as soon as we are able - as Brandon says, use the critical option if necessary, but only when necessary.

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