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notifications and live chat


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It would be nice to have a better way of being notified of chat activity. I might have the chat running for 10 hours minimized in the background with no activity. If someone posts on the chat, I do at least have the sound notification feature. However, this assumes that I have sound enabled and it also assumes that I'm at my desk when the sound occurs and not distracted (e.g. on the phone). An e-mail perhaps would do. I frequently monitor my email for events, and I also get a popup notification when I receive an e-mail.

As mentioned [url=", the way I plan on using the chat is somewhat like the online live tech support chat you see on company web sites, which use services like live chat. These services also tend to have a waiting time/queue, so if no one is available to help, the customer is allowed to wait, or they can leave a message and wait for call back. (Personally, I could do without a waiting queue since traffic would be low and even if multiple people do connect at the same time, I would normally allow them to chat simultaneously or, if necessary, start a private chat if that were an option.) This usage is slightly outside the current scope of IP.Chat but perhaps not far.

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