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Deleting members via the ACP


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In 2.3.6, it was SOOO simple and easy to do this but in 3.0.x (I'm using 3.0.3), if I'm wanting to delete members (one by one) who were registered between two certain dates and have less than 1 post, it provides you with a list of those members but to delete each one, you have to click their username, which takes you into their profile settings and then click on Delete Member. After doing that, it takes you back to the search screen and not the screen that had summarised all those members. I'm finding I'm having to right click on a members' username to open their profile in a new tab/window and then delete them there before switching back to the previous tab with the list of names.

I think it would be handy to have some kind of drop down menu next to each members' username with a kind of "quick tasks" menu (e.g. edit members, delete member, etc...) so you're able to delete the members from that advanced/filtered search screen without the filters being re-set after you have successfully deleted a member. But even then, it would help (a lot) if the advanced/filtered screen provided details of when that member registered, how many posts they have, etc... just like it did in 2.3.6.

I hope that makes sense :)

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