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Editor enhancements for 3.1

Brandon D

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Please consider these enhancements for IPB 3.1. These are for Safari on OS X, but the same functionality should exist across all supported browsers.

- CMD+Enter to submit the post (I believe CTRL+Enter works on Windows... not for sure though)
- ESC to close menus/palettes/etc
- Allow Enter to submit palettes like Insert Link/Image/Email/etc -- probably the one I'd like to see most
- Change the crude increase/decrease editor height buttons to a smooth bar at the bottom where you can grip and drag to change height
- Detect if the user's browser already natively supports changing of a textarea's height and disable the height adjustment
- Change the 'Other styles' bbcodes to act like the main formatting bbcodes (if you have text highlighted then just wrap the text with the BBCode)

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I'd like to see the quote/code tags formatted in the editor instead of seeing the bbcode. It doesn't have to look exactly like the one on the forum post... it could be very simple. Just want something that wraps the text that looks nice. And when you hit enter inside quoted text, it breaks the quote into two blocks where the two blocks both have the same author information. This would make quoting segments easier.

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