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(DP32) Restrict Attachments


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File Name: (DP32) Restrict Attachments

File Submitter: DawPi

File Submitted: 26 Dec 2009

File Category: Security

This mod disallow download attachments from topic without reply there. Mod affect all places on board - also profile view.
Works only for non image attachments types.


  • enabled/disabled mod,
  • choose which groups must reply before download attachments,
  • choose for topic authors -> they must do reply or not,
  • choose in which forums mod will be active,
  • set min. length for the first reply for each member.

here to download this file

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Hey for some odd reason I can't see screenshot. Is that bug in IP.Download?

I think yes. Screen:

Also, can you please add option like user needs min number of post to download the attachment?

Sure, i can add this option for free to this mod if you buy it! :)
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At the moment you have to reply to the thread in order to view the attachment, this usually drives people insane as the posts are seen as pointless.

What would be far better and I think sell a lot more would be to be able to simply click on the reputation link to add a rep point to the poster which in turn allows the download of the file :)

It would make things a lot neater and the author would get a higher reputation status whereas the member would not be cluttering the forums with pointless posts saying thanks.

I know a similar mod on vBull integrates with the thanks addon so that a user clicks thanks and can then see the attachment.

A similar thing would be great here and tbh I have no idea why its not been done before.

Other than that it does pretty much what it states on the tin and was deffo well worth the money, I would recommend it.

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