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Download: Banner Ads Per Forum 3.0.0


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Is it working with 3.0.5? I'm getting this error message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method admin_forums_forums_forums::forum_banners() in /home/lfs_4sure/html/admin/applications/forums/modules_admin/forums/forums.php on line 159

I'm getting this when trying to enter AdminCP > Forums > Forum Banners

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Hello to everyone and thank you Calypso for this mod!
I installed it with no problem on my current IPB v3.1.4 and I used as image a trasparente banner (PNG format) but it doesn't work.

Here's a snap of the board:


The path is right because if I do a copy-paste onto a new browser windows it is correctly displayed.

Thanks in advance for your support,

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Calypso no longer supports IPB as he got into a bit of a tizzy since IPS dared to release a product in competition with his (IP.Commerce). It is unlikely anyone would be able to obtain permission to upgrade it either, so consider it unsupported and obsolete.

Hello i het this error in 3.4.5

Fatal error: Call to a member function forumsInit() on a non-object in /home/ok/public_html/ok/ips_public/applications/forums/modules_admin/forums/forums.php on line 1726

because its not made for that version.

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