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Download: Improved XML RPC Interface

Mat Barrie

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File Name: Improved XML RPC Interface
File Submitter: Mat (FDNZ)
File Submitted: 22 Dec 2009
File Category: Modifications

This set of two files replaces the XMLRPC interface that ships with IP.Board. It adds the ability to register members and manage member groups over the XML RPC interface. We use this at Fusion Digital to connect our ASP.NET based client area with IP.Board, since Converge isn't an option for non-PHP applications.

To Install:

* Extract the files in the attached ZIP to the folder /interface/board/modules/ipb.
* In ACP, assign permissions for the new functions that appear in the permissions list (if you aren't sure how to do this, search XML-RPC in ACP).


* This is for the most part fairly pointless if the apps you need to interconnect are all PHP apps on the same server with IPB.
* If your application can be Converged, there's no point using this either.
* I've tested this with (obviously) our client area application using the XML-RPC.NET (http://www.xml-rpc.net/) client component.
* Standard warranty caveats apply.

Click here to download this file

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