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help to Ip.Chat white Screen


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Voice chat? Are we talking about the same product here? This doesn't do voice...

Assuming that's a mistake, and you are not in fact talking about any sort of voice chat, then please find your PHP error log (if you use cPanel then go to cPanel > Error Log, for any other control panels, ask your host) and see what it has to say in regards to the crash.

It's probably because you don't have sockets or url_fopen enabled or something.

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But... there's no voice chat...

Anyways, can you get a look at your PHP error log? The blank page is caused by a PHP error, while you have the setting to display errors off (this is the secure setting!) It should have logged the actual error though to the log, which most hosts can give you (if you can't grab it yourself via your panel).

The most likely thing is that you have curl and sockets disabled, at elast one of which is required for IP.Chat.

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