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Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

Andy Rixon

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As long as they are v2 games for ibparcade they will work, there is will be an Game Importer tool that will be included for you to import your games to the system, the only down side to this at the moment is that it only allows one import at a time.

A lot of mine are v32 so they will not work?
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Hmm most have missed that will they work in a later version?

I cant keep track of how many times I have said that we support v2 games ONLY at this time.

From what I have researched, there are over 4,000 games in the v2 format from ibpdownloads.com and only 2,000 in the v32 category.

v32 introduced a new scoring method that "locked in" games in a sense, as an anti-cheat method. Until I can get the coding sorted in order to parse this encoded scoring information, right now only support for v2 games is provided.

As andy said, beta signups are now closed. We will be contacting members shortly!
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Sneaky Peak Guys: http://www.screencast.com/t/OWRlNjg2MW

So far so good Andy & Collin, it's coming along nicely. After watching the clip, I have a little suggestion?
How about adding thumbnails to the games on the 'Top Games' list as well? Would look pretty nice. :)
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just looking at your video then, how come you didn't use IPB's default pagnition to create the pages for games list?

what now? :blink:

me and andy spent almost 2 days working on pagination alone. we were totally stumped how to skin it. pagination has more bugs associated with it than the rest of the arcade does right now. >_<
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