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[SUG]Calendar IPS app - Recurring ranged event feature


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It would be nice to have in next versions,the possibility to add Recurring ranged event.
For example, my members want to add a yearly ranged celebration event, but the actual calendar doesn't have the possibility to repeat this event every year.So they must insert every year this event and it's some kind of annoying.

There is a possibility for having this feature implemented in next versions?

Thank you!
Best regards!

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Agreed. This would also be helpful for things like class schedules.

Something along the lines of Outlook Calendaring...where you can specify ranged Event X recurring every Y days instead of using the actual day of the month.

Think college classes. Course A starts Monday and goes for 3 days, then starts over on the 4th day and goes for 3 days, then starts over again on the 7th day and goes for 3 days.

Basically an enhanced calendar is the request.

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