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(DP34) Topic Readers


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File Name: (DP34) Topic Readers

File Submitter: DawPi

File Submitted: 02 Dec 2009

File Category: Moderation Tools

Modification allow to see who read any topic.


  • enable/disable modification,
  • choose which groups can see this list,
  • choose in which forums you want add the list,
  • sort by member name or last view time,
  • order asc or desc list,
  • format names with according group colors,
  • set any separator.

here to download this file

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mine was made on request by one Polish user. If you look on screen you will se differences.

Also i provide support, patches, upgrades etc. to this mod with highest priority - i got money, i must do this fast and good.

Free mods are without any guaranties etc.

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Does this mod rely on the member groups being set to be able to "View online user lists" in the same way as the "Topic Viewed by Users" mod seems to? Or will it work even if all member groups except Admins are set to not be able to "View online user lists"? We want only Admins to be able to see which members from all member groups read topics.

TIA smile.png

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