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Are there anymore IPS official site outside this ?


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I thought that this was the only Official site from IPS... isn't it ?

I'm asking because I've seen http://www.sosinvision.com

In their logo they announces the following

SOS Invision
Parceira Oficial da IPS no Brasil

and this last phrase using Google translator means official partner of the ips in Brazil

Is this true ?
Are there any more partners around de world ?
What should be done for being partner ?

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[quote name='Mark' date='02 December 2009 - 01:06 AM' timestamp='1259712409' post='1884119']

Thanks Mark... I meant waiting for a reply from Charles ... :rolleyes:

The email has been sent to him... ;)

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[quote name='Olivier Turbis' date='02 December 2009 - 01:51 AM' timestamp='1259715063' post='1884130']
Why Charles? Mark can answer this question.

Here is the answer... :rolleyes:

If you operate a web site offering services or support for IPS products in languages other than English and are interested in more information in becoming an International Partner of IPS, please email charles.warner@invisionpower.com

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