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Download: Aqua-Soft Mobile


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File Name: Aqua-Soft Mobile
File Submitter: Timan
File Submitted: 30 Nov 2009
File Updated: 02 Feb 2010
File Category: Professional Skins

Aqua-Soft Mobile for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Palm Pre and BlackBerry devices!
Price: $10 usd for just the Mobile Skin

30412b17288178fe886216.png img_00871b899.png

What do you get?
The skin of course, as well as future updated versions. You also get support for the skin. Things like help modifying templates to fit your site (to a certain amount), help installing it, fix bugs or anything like that.

To purchase the skin you must first be a registered user if you are not already. Then click the link below.
Purchase the Aqua-Soft Mobile Skin

Please report any bugs you find or suggestions in this forum below.

Updated 02-02-10
- Blogs updated to Final Version
- Moved View New / Active Posts to the top of the forum index
- Added view "my content" when logged in. (your posts and topics)
- New posts will now take you to the last unread
- If more than 25 users in the online list, it will show a link to view the online list rather then displaying them all.
- Add reply will take you to quick reply if enabled (less page loading on the go)

Can view a list of extra user agents to add in this thread here

Updated 01-14-10
- Added IP.Blog 2.1 (currently rc2) Support
- Added Skin Chooser when user has selected a skin on the mobile device. (Will stay hidden if user just allows ipb to do its magic)
- Fixed images on BlackBerry devices
- Fixed Online List bug not showing forum or linking to user profile

Updated 01-09-10
- Added Support for Global Forum Message hook (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...um-message-100/)
- Added Support for Members Online Today hook (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...line-today-100/)
- Added Support for Guest Message hook (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...st-message-140/)
- Added App Icon & Splace Image for users who want to set your forums on their home screens. Example PSD Included (mobile/icon.png & mobile/splash.png)
- Added BBCode.txt for those who want YouTube viewable on their iPhones
- Added Help
- Added Memberlist
- Added Advanced Search
- Added Mark Forum as Read to the bottom of forums
- Added Forum Leaders, Top Posters, Online List, etc
- Added Topic and Forum subscription
- Added confirm logout for those who press it by mistake
- Added Control Panel bits for the following...
- - Attachments
- - Announcements
- - Forum Pref
- - Avatars
- - Photo
- - Ignored Users
- - Member Look Up
- - IP Address Look Up
- - Watched Forums
- - Watched Topics
- Fixed Forum tab for users with Portal set as default
- Fixed avatars on profiles for Facebook, Gravatar and Local users
- Fixed missing post background-color
- Fixed formatting issues in Help and Guidelines
- Fixed error messages
- Removed current unsupported ipb addon's from the control panel and search results
- Removed shoutbox hook when disabled
- Tweaked Profiles

Click here to download this file


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[quote name='highlanderc' date='10 January 2010 - 05:45 AM' timestamp='1263120345' post='1897503']
Please verify, I was able to download this skin....

There are some bugs though and I had to remove it. Once you get into that skin you cannot get out of it. Had to delete it. You need to enable the drop down box to change skins.

Thanks anyways

That is incorrect. If you read the readme.html file attached with the skin. You will see how to correctly install the skin and have the ability to disable mobile (user agent detection).

Don't forget you can ask for help by going to the thread in the download listings.

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[quote name='DeanHennings' date='10 January 2010 - 09:17 AM' timestamp='1263136679' post='1897584']
Been using this for about a month now, my MEMBER love love it, and I can do a ton on my iPhone anytime... This was a blessing for me !! and Tim is the best support on a skin I have ever had !!!

Same here, I love this skin and so do my members! And Tim made a ton of great improvements to it yesterday. Well worth the purchase. :)


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I'm working on getting the Shoutbox working. I've stripped almost all of the JS out of the skin so its more faster on the go. Gallery support may come in the future, but there hasn't been much demand for it.

As for skinning the admin cp, I don't think that'll happen. There is just way to much stuff in there for me to figure out how to skin. (not even sure if the admin area has skin support :P).

Thanks for the great comments, Dean and Atari :)

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I'm considering purchasing this mobile skin, however I have a question.

Are there user-agents for phones other than iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm Pre? I would like it to work with other touch phone devices like the LG Dare, eNv, Instinct, etc. If anyone could post the user-agent setup's for those, that would be great.

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