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Download: (NG31) Rotating Banners v1.0.0 - Buy One Get One Free

Nuclear General

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File Name: (NG31) Rotating Banners v1.0.0 - Buy One Get One Free
File Submitter: Nuclear General
File Submitted: 26 Nov 2009
File Updated: 18 Jun 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

File Name: (NG30) Rotating Banners
File Submitter: NuclearGeneral
File Submitted: 26 November, 2009
File Updated: 26 November, 2009
File Category: Invision Power Board 3
Resource Type: IPB3 Hook/Plugin
Version: 1.0.0
Demo URL: http://www.tiberiumstudios.org/

Tiberium Studios Is Proud To Announce The Release Of (NG30) Rotating Banners v1.0.0!

I Have Tested This Current Version On 3.1.1 And It Is Compatible And Works Flawlessly. If You Have An Issue With It, Please Post Your Question In The Support Topic.

Thank You.

This hook will allow you to setup multiple images and have them "fade" to the next image in the list. There is no limit on the number of banners you can have.
And to try and avoid conflict between my Global Ads mod and this mod, there may be skin edits required. One reason for this is because I think skin templates can only "overloaded" once. But I'll see what I what can do.

Release Notes
[*]First Initial Release Of Modification v1.0.0

[*]Turn System On/Off [*]Group Permissions Available [*]Permissions Honor All Secondary Groups [*]Wrap The Banners In A Forum Style Block (I have not implemented this feature yet. I will do so in the next release. ) [*]Option To Choose Style Of Block (I have not implemented this feature yet. I will do so in the next release. )

[*]Features Available

[*]Forum Style [*]General Message Style [*]Informational Message Style [*]Error Message Style [*]Script types Available:

[*]No Style, Just Image

[*]Fade Script; Images Fade To One Another On The Same Page. [*]Custom Script; Allows You To Define Your Own Script.

[*]Rotating Script; Images Change On Each Page Load.

[*]Custom BODY Tag; You May Also Use FLASH & SWF Script Code. [*]Yes/No Radio Buttons For Auto-Parsing New Lines In "Custom BODY Tag" Only. [*]Yes/No Radio Buttons For Parsing Smilies In "Custom BODY Tag" Only. [*]Yes/No Radio Buttons For Parsing BBCode In "Custom BODY Tag" Only. [*]Apps That Will Eventually Get Added

[*]Custom HEAD Tag

[*]IP.Downloads by Invision Power Services, Inc. [*]IP.Gallery by Invision Power Services, Inc. [*]IP.Subscriptions by Invision Power Services, Inc. [*]IP.Shoutbox by IPS Community Devs [*]IP.Tracker by IPS Community Devs [*]iContact Form by Sacred from IBMafia. [*]iPoints System by -Calypso- from InvisionTweaks. [*]Links System by Brandon Farber from Invision Power Services, Inc. [*](IM) Tutorials System by Michael McCune from Coders Refuge. [*]ibEconomy by Eric (emoney) from ibBookie. [*]Upload Images by SOS Invision from ---. Pricing The Purchase Price For (NG30) Rotating Banners Will Be $15 USD. To purchase (NG30) Rotating Banners, please click on this link: Product Listing. Then click on the "Add to Cart" button below the products description. verification_seal.gif Terms And Conditions Before Purchasing, please be sure to read the Terms And Conditions fully. Important Information READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Anyone who fails to comply with the Terms & Conditions Will Be Warned And Be Temporarily Banned. Click here to download this file

[*]IP.Blog by Invision Power Services, Inc.

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For the Christmas holiday, I will be having a sale on all my products. I am doing this sale for one purpose, paying my Cell Phone bill because I am still currently unemployed. So, for the first 30 (total) purchases of either (NG30) Global Ads or (NG30) Rotating Banners, you will receive the (NG30) BuyNow BBCode free of charge. I am doing that as an incentive for the buyers. So if you want the "buy one get one" free, you'd better act now because this sale ends Christmas day at 11:59 PM GMT -7 Mountain Time (USA & CANADA). These products will be sale for $10 USD.

Product Listings:
(NG30) Global Ads
(NG30) Rotating Banners

Best Regards,
Donald :)

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Alright, I just took a look at your settings and figured out why it won't work they way he has it set up.

1.) He has a Full web template in the HEAD tag section; EX: <HTML><HEAD><BODY> ect... those won't work because the script is re-adding all that into IPB's default <HEAD> tag.
2.) This script does not support raw PHP in the HEAD or BODY sections of the mod; nor in IPB's templates unless you use the <php> tags in the actual templates.

My script was designed for JavaScript and HTML use only. You maybe able to accomplish what you still need to do if you can find or create some JavaScript and HTML code and place that into the mods proper HEAD and BODY sections.


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hey man, i just purchased this through your website, you said it was $15 here but i still had to pay $20 at your website?

also your checkout is buggy - it says i have not paid and therefore i cant download this mod. i need it now.

can you please respond to this asap.


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