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Sorry for posting this question in this area....but
I have tried to post in the peer to peer technical area, but even though I am logged in, there is a gray background box at that top that says no new posts are allowed.
I went to a few other areas and saw the same thing...that is why I posted here in hopes the admins could notice and fix this problem.

My problem by the way is..... I have upgraded to 3.0.4 and am running 6 skins with limited rotating banners and google ads on some, and all of them test well under ALL browsers including IE, Firefox, and mac.

I have a very popular sorting goods forum at http://GunsAndFun.com and have been a LONG TIME IPS customer and cheerleader for the company.

On my forum, I have noticed since upgrading to 3.0.4 that the "View New Content" button at the top of the pages will most of the time say I have no new content (I assume this is the same as "show new posts" in the old software, and so do my users), but if I go to the bottom of the page to "Today's Active Content" that area DOES show I have had several new posts I have not yet viewed.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE FOR ADMINS, as this way I can check a couple times a day for x-rated foriegn spam posts and then kill the senders.

I have just sent a support ticket on this, but I wanted to post this in the pee-to-peer tech section to see if any other 3.0.4 users have also noticed this problem with the new upgrade.

Thanks, and again my apologies for posting this here, but your system is not allowing new topics in the peer-to-peer tech support section of the forum (and a few other areas too)

And for anybody who is interested in using the IPB forums and is asking pre-purchase questions.....I use simple machines in another free forum I manage http://masontalk.com and have a background with a few other forum systems, and in my opinion, IPB is the absolute BEST of them all, especially where security and fighting spam is a concern. and they also have top notch tech support too!

-Bob Martin

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You must be an "active customer" to access the peer to peer sections.

If you believe that you should be? Then you may need to log out then back into the forum.

If it still doesn't work, send in a support ticket and a Staff member will sort it for you.

Good luck with your sites :)

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