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Thank God. I just found that, and I thought something was wrong with my installation since upgrading to 3.4.x.

Unfortunately I think the author have said some time ago that sincve IPB support buildin Loginas he's not interested in upgrading the app.

Let's hope he'll change his mind.

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I'm still on 3.3.4 so I don't know what if any differences there are with how IPB's own "login as" works in 3.4.x, but with 3.3.4 the difference is:

This app does not need logging into the ACP, it's mainly used from the front end.

You can set it so that the members you're logged in as appears as anonymous.

Settings have group permissions, so you can set any group you want to be able to use it, and you can protect groups from being logged into.

You go to the member's profile in the front end, click a "Log in as member" button and you're instantly logged in as them. You then "Sign out" and you're instantly and automatically logged back in as your admin self. That's what makes it very much easier and quicker to use, as well as ideal for any admin who may rarely or never go to the ACP.

For the moment, I'm using it having renamed the dashboardNotifications.php file so's to disable the problem with accessing the ACP and it's working just fine.

I'd hate to see it not work when v.4 comes out!

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Just to add re renaming the file. All that file does is call home to the dev's site for notifications on your dashboard. As I've never had any notifications in several years of using this app (or any other app), I suppose the notifications would be similar to those from IPS.

More about the dashboardNotifications.php file here. I had the blocked access to ACP problem, and spent a day with IPS support trying to solve it, when initially thinking the problem was on my server. One of the guys very kindly explained it all to me.

Renaming the file just stops the call home to the dev's site (which was down last I tried, hence the problem). It hasn't affected any other part of it for us and we use it a lot.

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Hi all,

I will be releasing 2.1.3 shortly to address the issues you have posted above. The website it is trying to call to for update checks is no longer active, which is the reason it's happening.

I really miss this module.

Please let me know what you would charge to update it ASAP



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I just replaced.php with .BAK

Pretty sure.

When I delete the hook I can log in real fast.

CLARIFICATION: When I say "hangs" I mean If I wait about 90 seconds I can log in and everything is fine.

Here you go again... Just do what they say and keep using the HOOK without any problem... :)

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