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Choice of avatar only instead of avatar/photo


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It would be absolutely exceptional if we were given a choice in the ACP to have a user's avatar be the global representation of that user instead of the current method which is having avatar and personal photos in parallel. I, along with many others from what I gather in various posts I've found, feel that having both separated is slightly confusing to the user and really doesn't give good representation to that user. Sure, it may work better in a business environment like you guys have here, but it doesn't work well with many of our forum setups and the way they have organically grown.

This post has a solution, but obviously requires editing the source code...something that would likely be overwritten in the next minor release and every release afterward. Seems like it would be a great choice to give admins a choice of how their board is setup. Allow personal photos and avatars, or only allow avatars globally. Please find it in your hearts to make this a reality in a future release. :)

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[quote name='BryanH' date='12 December 2009 - 06:39 AM' timestamp='1260596392' post='1887627']
Maybe the person who wrote that code can turn it into a plugin so you don't have to edit the source files every time there's an update.

It's impossible to overlaod core classes.

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