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Warning from a central system


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When you add a warning to a user, the system then pm's them and it comes from the person that gave the warning through the IPB system. It would be great if we could have it come from some "central syste" the pm and the warning so users could not reply to the pm. Of course still having the name attached maybe in the description would be better.

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[quote name='ΑndyF' date='03 November 2009 - 09:23 PM' timestamp='1257283415' post='1875163']
A sort of anonymous warn ? (to the user, the Admins should still be able to find out who issued the warn)

Would you like this topic moving to IP. Board Feedback (as a suggestion) or Modification Requests perhaps ? :)

Not anonmouse complete, when the pm is sent out it would be nice if it was linked to a central system, so as the user could not complain in a reply to the message but it would somewhere still state that he received a warning and it would say by what member.

AS for the suggestion board feedback, sure lets move it there.

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