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Allowing standard bbcodes in mods


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I have a mod which uses the built in editor. I want to really limit the bbcodes they can use.

I've read this article http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/official.html?record=131 and successfully 'registered' my mod's editor to the AdminCP.

Now, I want to go through the bbcodes and switch 'off' the ones I don't want. It seems to me that the way I need to do this is bbcode centric rather than modification centric, what I would call 'upside down'.

See what I need to do for ecach bbcode that I want to disable is work with this kind of screen and mult-select in the second list so that I select everything EXCEPT my mod. And I have to do this for every bbcode that I don't want people to use. Which is a lot.


What would be better IMO would be if I could select the name of my mod, and for the list of bbcodes to appear for me to select which ones I do and do not want my mod to have. Perhaps also, a default On/off for every new bbcode that gets added.

In addition, for every bbcode that has a button in the editor, if I have it switched off, when my mod calls IPSText::getTextClass( 'editor' )->showEditor it would be nice if the button was hidden, rather than being displayed, and doing nothing.

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About the buttons showing in areas where the bbcode is disabled there is a bug "flagged for future version", about a better way to handle the bbcodes there are already some suggestions and I agree myself that a better way is needed. I don't think we will see anything before 3.1 about this however..

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