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IP Subscriptions Ideas


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I thought i might share some of my ideas for a future realse of IP Subscriptions that i would like to see in it.

1. The ability to use a base package then be able to select a duration and pay for that. e.g. to become a premium member users need to pay, they can either have one year or two year subscriptions, instead of having two different packages the user could just select the one pack and chosse the duration.

2. Discounts/Promo's - Have the choice of offering discount coupons that work for all packs or for just one pack, that code being able o be used multipul times or just once. Also being able to offer discounts so it says like in red "sale xx% off".

I Think these would help a lot of communities out there.

I might add more when i think of them. :whistle:

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Here's my subscription manager wish list:

1) Be able to set up a package to expire on a hard-coded date, in addition to the other options. (Scenario: We use a membership year, so all new memberships expire on the same date. I currently have to go in and modify the expiration date on all new members.)

2) Move the transaction search box to the main Subscriptions page entered from the MY APPS>SUBSCRIPTION page, above the Transactions results. (Or at least move it to the top of the current page.)

3) Be able to set the order of the packages on the display. This one may become less important since the display has been changed from the DDL to option buttons. YAY!!!! But I would still like the option to determine which package I want to display first, second, third, and so on.

4) At the initial payment screen, when no other packages are available for selection, have the VIEW OTHER PACKAGES button not appear/ghosted/ or otherwise not be confusing. During my test today, I wanted to see what the button would do if there were no other packages (other than the one the user selected during the account registration process) available. I couldn't tell if it was my computer or the software acting up when nothing happened on the button click. An error dialogue box box, saying "No other packages are currently available for you to select. Please select a payment option."?

And I'm also thrilled with the options to NOT display packages when they're not currently applicable. That's a great change.

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According to what I remember about the subscriptions manager they will not be adding any functionality until it is a community project. Currently they are making sure there is a stable minimal-no bug release and then this project will be given to the community to add features to and upgrade. :D

Hope that helps you guys.

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