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Ticket turn arounds


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As a returning Invision customer (gone three years), I was curious about ticket responses. I guess I was spoiled with vB usually getting a response after about an hour or so. I have a ticket open which has been dragging on for days. I send in a reply and by the time I get a response from support, usually 24 hrs have passed - basically I hear nothing until the next day. It`s making solving even a simple issue seem like it has been going on forever.


One day: Sent in a ticket regarding a problem after a conversion
Following day: Have you tried running the converter again - Same day I reply: I cannot do this because......
Following day: Have you tried changing permissions - Same day I reply: No because I have suPHP installed and 777 not needed.
Following day: Did you remove the converter script because it is showing as no there - Same day I reply: Yes because it was posing a security risk leaving it active, did you want me to reinstall it again?
Following day: I await the next ticket!!!!!

I`m guessing the way this is going, it could be a week or more before we even get close to making a start on this problem once the tickets have been sent back and forth.

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Did you purchase the license within the last month? If so, you have 30 days of free phone support.

If not, you just have to wait - IPS have always solved my problems within 2 ticket replies though. Also, if there are things you know they might ask that you already know the answer to, mention them so that they don't waste time asking them.

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I'm new to Invision Board. My vps host provider crashed my server during a routine maintenance operation. After reinstalling CentOS and supporting software, all I could get was a blank screen in response. I place a ticket after doing everything I could think of. Support responded to my ticket within 15 minutes requesting info and access to my site. Once I had responded, they investigated the problem. They found that I had neglected to install php-xml support and notified me. Again the response time was on the order of 15 minutes, certainly no more than 30 minutes.

Support has also responded to questions here on the forum in a reasonable time frame. In general, there are several technical types online at any give time.

I don't see how any kind of support could be more responsive than that!

Very satisfied customer,

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One thing I'll mention generally, not specific to this topic (I don't do any official support) Its always best to include as much information as possible in your ticket and anything you have tried to do as well as it will save a few of the more usual questions being asked and waiting for responses etc.

It may be better to include information you consider unrelated as it may help the technician narrow the problem down quicker which is better for everyone. :)

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  • Management

I am sorry about the delays with your ticket. Your request was moved from our general support areas to the conversions-specific section. The conversions department is more specialized and has fewer staff working in that area. I will see that your ticket is handled as soon as possible.

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