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"Get first un-read post"


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This is something that's been bugging me for a while. Essentially the three options you have is:

1) View first post (clicking on topic title)
2) Get last post (clicking the date in last post)
3) Get first un-read post (if you click the orange icon that only shows up if a topic is un-read)

To me this isn't very intuitive... Not only that, but the third doesn't seem to always work..

What I would like to see is a fourth configurable option:

4) Get last post I made

More often than not I've read everything before posting and I want to see everything else after I've posted. 9/10 even after I've clicked the topic and it got marked as "read" I still want to start on my last post. But in order to do this I have to wade through posts until I find the one I made (I think my last post was on page 3?)...

So for this I would see two useful options:

1) Change "first un-read post" to "last post I made"
2) Whether or not the action is "first un-read post" or "last post I made" make the topic title that action as well. (Bonus points: If someone bumped a 3 year old topic that I posted in and forgot, it'll take me to my last post and I'll instantly remember that topic, thus saving time and making me less frustrated that a 3 year old topic was bumped!)

Another neat feature is when you click on "# Replies" make the number of posts next to each name clickable and let you see their last post as well.

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That's why I suggested making two configurable options in the UserCP:

#1) Toggle the behavior of the orange icon to "first un-read post" or "last post I made" - default being "first un-read post"
#2) Toggle the behavior of the topic title to be first post or "last post I made" - default being first post

On my user account I would set both to "last post I made". In the case where I haven't made any posts in a particular topic the default configurations would apply ("first un-read post" for #1 and first post for #2)

You wouldn't have to change anything on the interface itself.

And also (as suggested) when you click the "# Replies" you can click the number to see the last post made by that user (or better yet, the first post they made that's after your last post - so you can jump to what they said after you).

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i'm not for removing any of the options as i like having what we have now your idea is valid though and i agree with bfarber a new icon would make it more confusing it. maybe link the topic icon on the left? its a bit of an awkward one.

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